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I’ve said before that the Internet is the Bazaar of Life.  Twitter is like the network of birds in the rafters tweeting away about what they’re seeing, doing and thinking about.  Tweet.   Like the birds calling out to each other across the rooftop, you only have so long to tweet – 140 characters in fact – before your tweet will be cut off, lost or not sent.  What happens when you only have 140 characters?  You have to say what you’re doing concisely or come up with a clever slang language in which to communicate in.  Why such a short tweet?  The limit on message length was initially set for compatibility with SMS messaging, and has brought to the web the kind of shorthand notation and slang commonly used in SMS messages. The 140 character limit has also spurred the usage of URL shortening services such as tinyurl, and, and content hosting services, such as Twitpic and NotePub to accommodate multimedia content and text longer than 140 characters. (see wiki)  There’s always ways around the rafters to share information as you tour the Bazaar of Life.  It is all bizarre but nature has her ways just like the internet (save the internet) and even if they wake you up, poop on your head or fly directly into your house, the birds are going to tweet.

Twitter Tweeting Time has taken over.  It’s all about being social.  The birds in the rafters re tweeting about everything from the latest celebrity to the bagel they’re eating at that very moment. You may think, who cares about that bagel you just ate.  I’m focused on Iran or I’m having an angry tweet-off about ending violence.  But it’s not always about responding, it’s about using the platform to stay connected.  You’re not expected to respond unless you want to.  You can learn a lot about people with the simple question of “what are you doing” which is the backbone of Twitter, all because Jack Dorsey wanted to know what his friends were doing.   Well, now that the tweeting tweeters are being heard from the rafters, Jeff Pulver is putting on the #140conf about how this tweeting phenomenon is actually the “State of NOW.”

In this state of now if you look at it from a Bazaar point of view, you can ignore the birds in the rafters, you can look to them for guidance about what’s happening on the other aisles or you can just amuse yourself with tweeting trivia.  You’re in control of what you receive. You can have those tweeters at your booth, in your vehicle, or in your pocket on practically any mobile device out there.

I tweet.  You can follow me at @angelashelton

Now tweeting is not just about what the birds are eating or what celeb they’re gossiping about, it’s about business and marketing. Where are the birds flocking?  What’s the most recent # hash tag?  Where is the migration going?

We’ll see at the #140conf. I’m going with @princeboucher from Prince Services.

@Brian Solis from FutureWorks writes in his Social Media Manifesto article that monologue has given way to dialog and content is the new democracy and we the people, are ensuring that our voices are heard.

Dealing with the state of Now, conversations are key.  I learned about the importance of social media when I got thrown into running the production, marketing and distribution for Searching for Angela Shelton. There was no other choice but to do or die, just like Brian Solis says engage or die.  It’s all about conversations.  It’s about the birds (where are the bees?) conversing in the trees.  The distribution of my film was organically taken over by the birds spreading the word and before I knew it, there was a movement around my movie.  Now not only do I got to trauma conferences, I go to meetups and mashups with the tweeters. Is it all really for the birds? Or are the birds pointing us in the right direction to a whole new phase of communication?

I tweet to remind people to stop raping children.  I also share articles, my horoscope, and live events on twitcam.

So who cares about you tweeting about that bagel you’re eating?  Maybe your mother is happy you’re eating breakfast. Maybe the bagel shop sees you’re a loyal customer and you’re going to get a blue bird special. What are the birds in the rafters around your booth saying?

Tweet away @angelashelton

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  • Angela Shelton

    Ha! Not sure when the road trip is happening but don’t you worry, I will call upon you!

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    just got your new links up on the site and clicking through. Still need to know “about” when we could schedule a road trip to see you next year when you are in New Mexico. Keep up the great work. LadyJ