Angela Shelton Acting Again


I just got off the set of this beautiful short film appropriately named Beautiful Dreamer.   It’s about a young girl who has narcolepsy and when she falls asleep she dreams about abused or kidnapped children and is able to help locate or save them.  I play her mother and I don’t believe her until the end.

It has been a while since I’ve been able to be in front of the camera as an actress.  The last time was playing the part of the superhero Safe Side Superchick in the Safe Side video series. When I first moved to Hollywood I booked a TV pilot every year and did a few guest roles on shows like Chicago and Becker.  Since then a lot of things in my life have transpired from writing my life story about me and my mom in the film Tumbleweeds that I co-wrote to making my directing debut with my documentary Searching for Angela Shelton and the subsequent personal discovery and recovery work that that journey entailed!  I have certainly gained a much greater appreciation for the craft of acting and the whole process of filmmaking since my original acting debut in Hollywood.


I was sent the script of Beautiful Dreamer from the director, Daniel Di Marco, who is a huge fan of  Tumbleweeds.  He had seen my documentary and was unclear about whether I was an actress or not.  When I told him that I did still act and would love to again and had been acting since I was a kid in local theaters as I traveled with my mom. (I actually started out as a mime when I was eight!)  He was so excited that he wanted to put me in this movie and another one he was working on.


I feel that I am reentering the world of acting as a much more confident, grounded and complete person this time around.   Making my doc and riding the wild train of the movement that it created certainly shook up my life but it was something I had to do.  It has made me more creative actually, not to mention it made me face my demons and heal from my past which has made me move from saddness to a place of wisdom and that feels great.  It is a true pleasure to practice what I preach about getting off the trauma train and onto the joy jet and having the affects of living a joyful life not only show up in my personal life but begin to show up in my creative life too!   Awesome.   I hope you enjoy the show.  This life of mine has been one wild ride and has so many more stories to tell!

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    Oh this makes me so happy !!!!