Addicted to the Duck

I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to the Duck Commander. A&E has a reality show about them called Duck Dynasty.

I cannot get enough.

If you have not seen it, please, take the plunge into the duck pond. It is some real Television wonderfulness.

If you have direct tv – Record it. You will thank me.

There are not many times that I will sit for ages on the sofa mesmerized. I even tweet during American Idol. But during Duck Dynasty, no way.  The Duck Commander has my full undivided attention.

Why Do I love Duck Dynasty?

Let me count the ways. Oh, the many ways they can get me to watch TV.

1. The Phil-osophies

2. Redneck Hotness as in HAWTNESS

You may question the term hotness but I dare you to watch.

There is some real redneck hotness going on.

3. Yuppies

I’m telling ya, get your directtv on. Now.

How do you define yuppies? Are you one? Can you go into the forest and find food – literally?!

4. The Love

There is so much love in this family that it make me giddy.

5. The Low Tech

I have them all recorded. I dare you to do it too. Come on. Turn yer phone off, get off that laptop and that twittering thang and watch you some Duck Dynasty on dx3.

Are you addicted to the Duck?

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  • Angela Shelton

    You know what it is. It’s Redneck Hawtness!

  • ThePishPosh

    You are getting me addicted to this show too!! I don’t know what it is!

  • Angela Shelton

    Oh my gawd, I just watched some Awesome!

    And you can always catch up on the Duck online btw and watch full episodes. :0 It’s worth it!

  • Sjohnbosch010

    I could see these guys could grow on you, but I’m working evenings now and miss their show. (Drat!)

    In the meantime, if you have a moment, cast a glance at the Skit Guys website. It’s the most entertaining and informative site I’ve seen in years.