Are Your Eggs Healthy?

Who’s pregnant right now? Who has had a baby? Who wants one? And who has kids and is like are you nuts? Buy goats instead!

How Are Your Eggs?


Are you healthy? Are your eggs healthy? I mean really, are they?
Do you know if they are?

After revealing my experience with a miscarriage in the Operation Baby post, I must say eggs became a topic of conversation. Okay, and maybe I have eggs on the brain because I’m babysitting my neighbor’s chickens too.


This chicken is very concerned about her eggs btw. When I come to pick them up she wants to know just what I’m planning on doing with them. Are you concerned about your eggs? Do you take tabs on them or do you not even think about them at all?

Do you take your eggs for granted?

Fresh eggs from your own chickens are the healthiest best tasting eggs ever. Got chickens? Click to Tweet That!

Do You Ever Think About Your Eggs?

What about your eggs? I’m serious. Have you ever thought about egg donation?

Would you donate your eggs? What about using someone else’s eggs? How badly do you want that baby?


What if your eggs are healthy, but you just don’t have that many left? Oldie. I know. I hear the same thing. Seems like everyone talks about the issues with the woman, and hardly ever the — ah —


He’s a cock alright. We hear a lot about sperm donors (and cocks). I know a few women who have utilized their service too. But there are also eggs to think about.

I’ve been thinking about my eggs lately. Maybe it’s all the time I’m spending with those chickens!

“What’d you say about eggs? Where are my eggs, beeeatch?” (notice my precious chicken buddy in the back right looking all fancy with her litte feather hat.

Well, chicken or not, I’ve been reading the baby expert site – Baby Center about the whole process of eggs from fertilization to birth and I’ll admit it is both inspiring and daunting to think about how we create life.

At the moment, I’m working on having the healthiest life I can have so that me and my eggs are super healthy. Of course you actually come into this world with all the eggs you’re going to have so let’s hope they’re good eggs.

Here’s me with my little precious egg – she grew up into a mighty fine chicken.

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  • Angela Shelton

    Wow. First of all, you’re like the best testimonial ever. I want to quote you for my testi page, hehehe

    Second, so sorry about the surgeries. Booo. Strange things happen in the medical world. They gave my mom a shot to dry up her milk because it was not “proper” to breastfeed.  WTF!? 

    I’m glad you have two kiddos. We’re working on it. Or I’ll just get that goat I always wanted – there’s some “kids”!  hehehe

  • Angela Shelton

    Hugs right back!  And I have oh, four cartons of fresh eggs in the fridge right now!  We’ve had to come up with all kinds of ways to cook them. French toast anyone? How about again? Egg drop soup? Omelet for dinner? 

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    I wish I lived where I could have fresh chicken eggs.  I don’t eat many eggs because I do worry how long they have been on the shelf.  Some day I will find someone who is raising them and get some fresh ones again.  As always thanks for sharing a part of your life.  Hugs

  • Sperk*

    I didn’t realize you were shacked up in the woods trying to make babies until I saw your intro over at Bloggymoms.  I am sorry for your struggles, your lose, but so happy you have found love! (the man, not the chickens). You continue to astound me.  Your voice.  Your journey.  Your ability to articulate such matters with very accessible language, without the emoting, but not lacking emotion.  

    I have two kiddos and never thought much about the eggs from which they sprang.  I was lucky that way, I guess, and never take it for granted.  I did go and sterilize myself and regret it.  I have much to say about the surgeon who confirms such decisions while  drugged up post c-section, but still open on the table…Because I so wish I could have had more….children, not surgeries.  Selfish maybe. 

    Much gratitude as always!