This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Meditation

Do you meditate?

My mom taught me how to meditate when I was very young. She called it contemplating. I have had some pretty profound experiences meditating that still blow my mind – literally. (see the picture below) I’ve practiced my whole life, although I do get totally lazy and either forget or do it or do my version of quick fix meditating with my eyes open when I’m in the car or standing in line somewhere.  I’ll share more about that if you’d like – let’s get wackadoodle – one of my favorite made-up words to cover all that is well, wackadoodle.

While I was brainstorming a theater piece where I wanted to use my brain waves as an element in it, I discovered Brain Paint!

I had a meditation experience in the desert of New Mexico on the last day of shooting Searching for Angela Shelton that so blew my mind, literally, that I wanted to see what it would look like if my brain had had a paint brush.

So I had my brain hooked up and recorded by Brain Paint to see what kind of art my brain could create.   This technique is usually used as a healing tool for people to think about their issues and then literally see how their brain draws it.  It helps people heal.  But I wanted to use it from the artistic stand point.  I wanted to see what the best meditation experience I’d ever had looked like as an art piece.   So I got hooked up and I tried my best to get back to that place where I had felt a sense of total connection, peace, love and enlightenment.  I wasn’t able to completely get to where I had gotten in the desert of New Mexico, but I got pretty close.

This is my brain on meditation:

I love my beautiful mind!  This is just one still frame of a moving image too.  It looks exactly like how it felt – a dance party with Spirit.  Seeing that picture makes me want to meditate more.   Using my brain waves in an art project just proved to me that I’m damn clever (pat myself on my back) because the person there to meet with Brain Paint after me about an art project was only the head of Cirque de Soleil!  That made my day knowing I was on the same wave length with Cirque de Soleil!   Of course they have a hell of a lot more funding than I do, gosh darn it.  But alas, it showed me that I was ahead of my time, and ahead in line too!

I’m still working on how I can get what’s in my brain onto the stage, and it may take me ten more years but it’s a pretty cool I idea if I do say so myself.   I’m still brainstorming – literally.  In the meantime, I’m finishing the first draft of a science fiction book and my brain is buzzing about it.  The entire story came to me during a meditation.

Do you meditate?  If so, how?  What’s your favorite mediation?  What’s your most wackadoodle experience?

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