Becoming a Rebel Star ~ Escaping the Black Hole

It’s time to become Rebel Stars. No more messing around with falling stars people, let’s bring it up a notch.

When I write about black holes it is to draw a comparison between organized perpetrators and black holes.  For those who don’t know about organized perpetrators – child rape, porn and trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business.  I call that the black hole. But the black hole could also be your job, your cult, your controlling family or whatever is acting like a black hole in your life. 

A black hole has two parts. At its core is a singularity, the infinitesimal point into which all the matter of the star gets crushed. Surrounding the singularity is the region of space from which escape is impossible, the perimeter of which is called the event horizon. Once something enters the event horizon, it loses all hope of exiting. Whatever light the falling body gives off is trapped, too, so an outside observer never sees it again. (read the article here)  That’s like organized perpetrators who steal the light of star babies.  You could also use the comparison of corporate America or the film industry robbing filmmakers, the music industry stealing from artists etc.

But then you have the Naked Singularity or the Rebel Star that breaks the rules. (like moi!)  Radio Head can be compared to exploding stars for bursting out of the box and going directly to their audience.  I can certainly be compared to a Rebel Star for breaking rules of distribution, getting out of traps and boxes, and finding escape routes.

Jacob Clifton explains the naked singularity in his article Where Spacetime Ends He writes: slowly collapsing fireballs become black holes, but if a fireball collapses rapidly enough, light does not become trapped and the singularity is naked. Naked singularities freak out physicists because it means that nature is inherently unpredictable: where general relativity breaks down, it can’t be used to predict or describe.

Scientific American editor in Chief John Rennie says in an interview: You see your regular singularity is something you would find deep inside a black hole. What happens with a black hole is you have a star that has consumed all of it’s fuel and now it’s nothing but a big ball of gravity collapsing in on top of itself; and it collapses in, and it collapses in, and it collapses in and all the matter of the star is now collapsed down to a single infinitesimal point…

If you’ve got a naked singularity, well the laws of physics don’t apply, anything could happen at any given moment, you know, player pianos could come shooting out of that thing, giant gravity waves of inconceivable energy.

The Rebel Star breaks rules, changes course, refuels and blasts out of the black hole, perplexing all and saving itself!

I announced my Rebel Star theory to the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference on Jan 8, 2010. I said we should become one massive Rebel Star of joyous Light energy to battle the black hole.  Like water rises collectively at the same level, when you have groups of people in misery and pain, that pain permeates the area around them.  When you come across a group who is giddy with the joy of being alive, it is infections.  As we all step out of old ways of thinking and poisonous behavior patterns and all raise our consciousness – anything can happen at any given moment. When a group collectively blasts force light and joy – the darkness ceases.  When awareness fills the room, ignorance fades.

I speak a lot with survivors of trauma about how healing is an act of revolution and how when you heal and live joyfully, you affect all things around you and by doing so those around you affect others and on and on…  I suggest we all join forces and become one Rebel Star.  I’m talking about a healing and awareness revolution that blasts us out of the twisted grips of the black hole.  The problem is that so many perpetrators are in positions of power and to those who know nothing about what their dark side, they may even look like stars.  When we’re in the middle of the black hole you can’t always see it, like you can’t always see the lies of mainstream media if you watch it religiously and refer to no other source.   It’s time for some major awareness and awakenings!

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