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When you blog, sometimes it just sits there read by very few people and sometimes that blog gets shared a lot and leads to very interesting things.

I blogged about my beavers and lo and behold I was discovered by beaver lovers and beaver experts!  WORTH A DAM has gone and blogged about me blogging about my beavers!  I spoke to the founder, Heidi, today for a long time about my beavers and got so much information that it was like a beaver banaza!  Apparently out in the country where I live there are very few (okay none at all) beaver advocates.  The answer is usually shoot them, trap them, move them, get rid of them.

Luckily, I happen to live on this property and I love those little critters and think it is truly spectacular to watch how they are adding to what was used to be a mushy wanna-be wetland.  Now it’s a beaver haven complete with a series of ponds – 5 now!

AND they are a keystone species:  A keystone species is a species that has a disproportionately large effect on its environment relative to its abundance.[1] Such species play a critical role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community, affecting many other organisms in an ecosystem and helping to determine the types and numbers of various other species in the community. (thank you wikipedia)

BUT in order to keep the beavers happy and keep our land happy – we need to keep them from flooding the driveway. I have to send pictures to Heidi at Worth a Dam to share with experts and decided well, I’ll just keep you updated on my beaver love too!

The First Pond

Angela Shelton's Beaver Love
Unlike what we originally thought, the first pond started behind this thicket.

Beaver Lodge
This is the beaver lodge! Heidi tells me that would have been the first pond since this is where the lodge is.

Latest beaver pond
The first pond (what I wrongly believed was the lastest because we just discovered this further downstream!)

Angela Shelton's Beaver Love
Here’s one of a few cute little waterways that come out of that pond.

2nd genius beaver pond
This is the next pond they created upstream.

1st beaver pond
This is the third pond (what we thought was the first). This is one you can see from our yard.

Angela Shelton's Beaver Love
Here’s the first hint of the above pond that you see as you’re walking down the hill from our house.

Angela Shelton's Beaver Love
Here’s the problem! This is a NEW pond forming downstream and that is our driveway going right alongside it. Based on the IMAX BEAVER video we watched on Netflix – those beavers are going to transform this wetland in no time – which may just flood this driveway! Oops. There’s a lot of hunters around these parts. After speaking to Heidi at Worth a Dam, I’ve learned that there are many ways to prevent this from flooding.

Angela Shelton's Beaver Love
This is another shot from the driveway looking back at the latest creation. That’s my dog Norma checking it out.

Angela Shelton's Beavers
Here’s another shot of how close that last pond (and I’m sure it’s not the last!) is to the road. There in the middle is the latest dam they are building – also awfully close to the driveway!


I’m so excited to be the only beaver advocate in my area. I told Heidi I’d been the first one at things before – why stop now?!   So I’m going to do what I can to help the beavers keep creating their wonderful haven for themselves and a long list of new wildlife!  We keep spotting gorgeous blue herons down there!

Aly and the beaver
That’s my BFFD’s avatar – Aly and the Beaver!

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  • Angela Shelton

    Apparently I’m the only Beaver Lover in this area so the beaver experts are helping with as much advice as they can. Looks like we have some pretty simple (although maybe a tiny pricey) fixes. Long live the beaver! I may have to do a KickStarter!

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    how cool.  yes, just need to keep them from flooding the driveway that will be no good for you.  best of luck, and remember they multiple well…hope you can adopt some out

  • Heidi Perryman

    Wow meta-blogs about beavers about blogs about beavers! It was great chatting with you and keep an eye out for all the new wildlife the beaver habitat will attract! They’re the trickle-down economy that works! Heidi