The Magical Blue Light

My sister and I got lost in the forest. My stepmother had taken us to visit a friend of hers and Lisa and I had gone off in the woods while they talked in the kitchen.  We went so far out into the forest behind that lady’s house as we could. As the colors of dusk began to appear in the sky we realized we’d go so far into the trees that the way back was no longer clear to us. Trees surrounded every inch around us. There was something exciting about it and something frightening at the same time. What if no one found us? What if we were able to disappear and start a new life somewhere else?  Our ages dawned on us because we were suddenly very scared. We knew we were lost.

“What’re we going to do?” my sister asked, her eyes darting everywhere.
“We’re protected,” I told her, remembering the contemplations my mom taught me. There was always the Light and it would. “We’ll get out,” I told her.
“What was that sound your mom taught us?” my sister asked.
I made the one syllable meditation sound, “Huuu.” We began singing it there in the woods. She was nine and I was seven.

We sang and asked to be lead out of the forest. That’s when a ball of blue light appeared. It bounced in front of us. I’m not kidding, it’s true. A perfect orb of beautiful blue light bobbed in front of us. We both looked at each other like we were out of our little minds. We looked back at the ball and it was still there so we weren’t crazy. We followed it. It led us to a place in the forest where we were safe again and could find our way. Then it disappeared.

We never told anyone, but we were pretty good at keeping secrets.

Years later when I was interviewing my sister for my documentary, I pulled her aside as my cameraman was packing up the gear. I asked her, “Hey can I ask you something else? Do you remember when we were kids and were lost in the forest – “
“And that blue light appeared??” She finished my sentence for me.

I had a witness.

The Light still appears. I follow it where it leads me.

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  • Angela Shelton

    I'm right there with ya sister. I believe in magic, but I had to be hit over the head with it for awhile.

  • Angela Shelton

    Interesting. I've heard that before. I've also heard a lot of similar “connections” that make them hard to ignore. I used to be much more of a cynic when it came to all the spiritual stuff. Now, well… I've seen and heard too much to not believe in something much bigger going on.

  • abby

    Since I've been hearing and reading you describe the shared spiritual experiences of survivors, I thought I'd send this one.

    Although I don't have such a story personally, in Healing From Trauma, survivor and psychotherapist Jasmin Cori writes, “I now recognize that when I dissociated as a baby and very young child, I went to a dimension where I felt held by angels.” The author has recovered, in mid-life, memories of incest that, as best as she can recall, transpired between the time she was an infant to around 17-18. She continues, “I had collected angels for many years and had made references to 'my yellow world' that I didn't understand,” but her trauma work allowed her to “finally [come] into conscious contact with this dimension and these beings.”

    I just thought you'd be interested.

  • Louise Brookes

    I love this story. I'm really glad you shared it! makes me feel normal, :) I think a lot of folk have these experiences but don't say anything. They're too scared and I don't know why. It's not like magical things are outlawed. Or is it? All I know is when I open my big mouth folk always say 'Me too!' or 'That happened to me' or 'When I was younger x,y,z…' And the magic comes pouring out. It makes me think magic is real – and the non-magic world well that's the pretend thing, the made up stuff. More stories please!

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    this is such a great story and special that you share it with your sister who had been through so much with you. Know we love reading these and hope you share so much more