Angela Shelton’s birthday party, and in the closet with HouseTalkN

It's my birthday week! I can post if I wanna. Wow, what a week! I postponed Q and A Day on my blog to have it on instead. She had questions for me, so it was only fitting. The only problem was that neither of us knuckleheads could figure out how to record each other at the same time. It took us longer than expected to get it together. Finally we came up with a way - and just maybe it's hilarious. HouseTalkN Interviews Angela Shelton   Happy 40th birthday … [Read more...]

Are You What You Eat?

Do you think about what you eat before you eat it. On that note, do you think before you speak? I try to do both. But sometimes put my foot into my mouth. Sometimes I'm late to the party too, like I was for Pish Posh's challenge. I read Pish Posh's blog, but sometimes I don't read the posts on the same day they come out. So, I came in on week 4 of her 8 week challenge. Oops! It was a challenge to lose weight so if I wanted to lose 10 pounds, I only had to lose 5, right? Since they … [Read more...]

How’s Your Beaver Doing?

I love getting questions like this! Q and A Day: How Is Your Beaver Doing? Actually, my little beaver has expanded greatly - I'm guessing there are about eight living down there now. Every time we drive down the hill to see how their 9 PONDS are getting bigger and wider - I think to myself that I should do a blog update about them. So, I'm glad you asked! Here's a little history of our beaver population! They showed up. They built a home. They expanded. Now - They are taking control of … [Read more...]