Climbing the Tree

I was working with a consulting client on a creative project she’s putting together and something wonderful came up that I had to share.  I was sharing meditation techniques to use and mentioned the importance of her writing down all that was going on with her during her process even though she may not use it in the final product.

She mentioned not being able to talk about her past since it involved abuse and I told her that I wasn’t interested in her past; I was interested in the future glimpes she got of her future in her past.  I think it’s important to not stay focused on the past trauma, but rather  remember and acknowledge the glimpses of light in the painting of your life to help you move forward. I believe much of the creativity we receive is by reconnecting with our inner child and even if that child was abused, neglected or perpetrated on, there are still flashes of light, awareness and reassurance that happened along the way if you look for them.

I asked her to write about whatever glimpes of reassurance she had received and she suddenly had the memory of climbing to the top of a massive tree when she was a wee tyke of four.  If was a huge accomplishment for her that had stayed in her mind for years.  That experience had taught her that she could do anything. She’d even written about it before.  Ah ha!  I told her to gather up those writings and read them again.

After working in the trauma and recovery field for so long, it’s amazing how much time is spent on the trauma itself.  When you step back for the story of the trauma for a moment and look at the full picture, sometimes you can see that you actually climbed the tree!

If you climbed it then, you can climb it now.  Climb that tree and be sure to go to the top and enjoy the view.

I love it when stories of intensity lead to happy endings. I’m excited to share this one and it’s an honor to be able to consult on creative projects that I support and care about.  Keep creating!

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  • Johnna

    Oh yes…will climb that tree in Truckee again when my body has healed :) Can't wait!!

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    finding a future is always the goal, good story here