Your Wallet Hurting? Go Couponing with Carly!

Yes, I share most posts about healing and moving on for crying-out-loud along with writing tips but today I had to share a little healing for your wallet.

This is my friend Carly and my pregnant self:


Carly is a coupon queen and when I say that – that is what I mean!

She runs the site Couponing with Carly as well as the Facebook Page.

She Sent us to Coupon College

Carly recently came to visit my family with her husband on Thanksgiving weekend. As I’m trying to present her with pie and tea and try to play hostess, she sits me down, basically tells me to shut up and listen as she takes over my laptop.

She showed us her latest coupon savings, that I will admit were quite impressive.

At first I did kinda rolled my eyes thinking that this whole clipping coupons thing has got to be sooooo much work, almost like a full time job.

I’ll happily use my discount card at my local grocery store to get my gas points. That’s about as far as I take it.

But do you use Ebates and ShopKick and Cartwheel?

Huh? What’s Ebates?

Every couponer knows what those sites are and knows they don’t even scratch the surface of what’s out there, but to us newbies – it’s a foreign language.

Carly actually gave me that look that only women of color can give – that get your ass in gear and your head on straight look that makes you shrink back with a yes, Ma’am. 

We use Amazon Prime for free shipping since we love Amazon. That saves money.

Here is the lovely Prime:

Carly just snickered at all the things we did not yet know.

Yeah, but you should go to first and go to Amazon from there to get even more money off.

Oh… you can do that?

Carly then sat there for a few hours to teach me, my mother, and my mother-in-law some of her couponing secrets.

Seriously, it was like we went to Coupon College. There was SO MUCH information that my eyes started to glaze over and I started to see coupons flying around my head.

My mom was dozing in her chair on coupon overload. But I took notes!

Never Pay Full Price

Especially with Christmas nearing, there is much shopping to be done, right? Not to mention how the price of food is skyrocketing and don’t even get me started on how our ‘affordable’ health insurance is about to triple.

We gotta save some money!

We went over things that cost us the most like – toilet paper.

Carly told us about another site, Living Rich With Coupons, that lists out what you “should” be paying for items, like toilet paper.

Of course my mouth fell to the floor.

How do you save that much?

Duh. You coupon.

Coupon Converted

The point of this post and why I wanted to share Carly and her sites today is because I have been converted.

I followed Carly’s orders and tried her various sites and many techniques since I was ordering things like wrapping paper along with a few final holiday items.

I got some coupon codes, that I saved on a word doc just in case they disappeared. Then I got one of those, “thanks for shopping, here’s a coupon” notices.

So, I had to peek at what the code was for. It was for toilet paper!

I conclude by saying that yes, yes I did order 48 rolls of my husband’s favorite (he is exceptionally picky about his paper) and I got it all for – FREE!

Yes, that is correct. 48 rolls for free by using all the coupon codes.

Knowing Carly she’ll tell me I could have gotten 150 for free, but come one, I’m new to this class!

It was not that much more work than I usually do shopping online. I literally did a dance through the living room announcing that I was now a couponer!

For free. For free. I got them for free. I got 48 rolls for free. I sang.

Oh lord, Carly converted you. My husband laughed.

Yes, yes she did. I am now a couponer.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – use the gift of Carly! Sign up on her site Couponing with Carly as well as the Facebook Page and read her very extensive lists of advice.

It totally works.

Yours truly,

A Carly Convert.

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  • Angela Shelton

    Hahaha, Mama! That’s why I took notes at Coupon College. It’s a little complicated and takes a bit of time, but just start paying attention to all that you spend. I went to Ebates first for a link to a toothbrush I wanted, bought the brush with a coupon and then got an offer for so went there, found the TP for the same amount as the coupon, so it was free – minus $5 shipping…

  • Joann Shelton

    Really great writing: holds my attention, gives me info, makes me laugh and teaches me something. And, you are so beautiful. Being pregnant with your baby girl has brought another glow to you! One more light ring, connecting to more creativity. Can you tell me exactly how your got free toilet paper. I got dizzy just looking at that tp comparison! What is the bottom line? Where and how? Just hard, make it easy for me. The printing paper got my attention, where did she get her printer as she must need a good, cheap one.