Coveting Chickens and Coops

Dear God, I have chicken envy.

It’s true. I covet my neighbor’s chickens and their coop.

It all started when they built this chicken coop.



It’s great. I know. We heard the hammering and saw the boards being carried in from across the field and now we hear the rooster crowing at all hours. Sadly we do not have a chicken coop. Yet. Which is why I covet theirs.

I’m like my friend Kerry with @HouseTalkN on her house talking/stalking adventures except I’m window lookie-looing on chicken coops.

But there are Chicken Coops for Sale!

I do get to babysit or chicken sit the chickens when the neighbors go on vacation or are busy playing taxi service with their kids. They are on vacation now so I’m getting my fill of chicken love.

This is my favorite chicken. Her name is JP because at first they thought she was a he. She’s a she and she looks and acts like a little french lap dog. When I show up, she trots over to get in my lap. I adore this chicken.



Norma loves chickens too. In more ways than one of course. Roasted is her favorite.

What’d you say about roasted?

One day I can get my own little chickens. I discovered

They offer chickens for sale including
ameraucana chicken
rhode island red chicken
buff brahma chicken
white rock chicken
barred rock chicken
polish chicken
black copper maran chicken
and many more with a safe arrival delivery guarantee, shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Happy Dance or is that Happy Chicken Dance – cluck cluck cluck

Do you have chickens? Ever raised chickens? Do you raise them for eggs only or do you also eat them?

A chicken lover wants to know!

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  • Angela Shelton

    Hahaha! I’m so glad you understand. And I love linking up but wow, I feel bad for not being able to read all the posts. There are SO many and I try, I try! I’m up at like 1 am and my hubby is like “gosh, are you still reading. Pay attention to me!”

  • Kelley

    JP is one stinkin’ cute chicken.  I have to totally agree with you. No chickens here, but I am coveting your neighbor’s chicken coop AND the fact that you get to live near said chicken coop AND that you get to chicken sit. (Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny last week!)

  • Angela Shelton

    hehehe, yeah dogs can do a number to a chicken. Norma just stares at them like she’s trying to figure out why we call them chicken and also her favorite food chicken. Does her food walk? haha

    And those dam beavers have 9 ponds now! 9!!! I’m so happy in the country too, having a blast. Thanks for pointing that out. ;)

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    I had one chicken for a while back in the 90’s .  One of my children’s friend had it for a school project as a chick and of course it grew…what where they thinking.  I put it in a cage and took it to my friends place to peck around his mothers garden.  She wasn’t happy but the chicken was.  Sadly dogs do not do well when not raised around them and some dog in the park next to his property got her.  I had to put her down.  But she was a joy so I understand.  I could see you raising chickens.  You are so blessed to have a place where you can enjoy so much.  How are those (dam) beavers doing?  lol

  • Angela Shelton

    Oh yay! Thank you so much. I love that you love these ridiculous chickens too! And that you love my blog – yippee!

  • Ado

    Angela: you are fantastic. I love your blog. I love these ridiculous chickens. And your chicken envy. It’s all fabulous. You are fabulous. PS: I loved your post below about child sexual abuse, and thank goodness for brave people like you. (-: