Do You Have Klout?

Alright, let’s talk Klout. I’ve been asked to give Klout, get Klout, keep Klout and share Klout and I think it sounds like an STD.



Will you give me Klout? I gave you some.  Return the favor.




Because of integrity.

In order to be trustworthy and have integrity, one cannot simply hand out all the goods to anyone who asks.  How is that trustworthy? I will give good reviews, recommendations or testimonials when I really support, love and/or believe in something, otherwise my word means nothing.

For example:   If I gave a glowing review for every book that came my way just because someone asked, when you read them and saw that they were crap, pretty soon your trust in me telling you certain books were awesome would dwindle and then die. I have to believe in something and support something first in order to share it with you.   If I sat on the site (which I don’t) and scrolled through my Twitter and Facebook friends and gave Klout to every single one of them for the most random things from Social Media to Diapers (yes, there’s Klout for diapers) then not only did I use a lot of my day that could be spent on writing another book, but I depleted my own trust value.

Chris Brogan said Please Don’t Retweet to people asking him to RT things (retweet on Twitter).   His well said point was:  Again, unless it’s a cause, and then ask shamelessly and often for retweets or mentions, but otherwise? Let your work live or die on its own creative merits. It just doesn’t make sense to bother people to ask them to falsely spread information that wasn’t interesting to get there on its own.

Blogworld 2010 Klout Party But Klout has become a huge popularity contest (there are even Klout parties!) and many people, instead of focusing on their actual content and merit, are focusing on any way possible to get you to give them Klout so they can drive up their score – simply to have a high score.

Btw, my Klout jumped up tremendously (into the 70’s) when I was sofa bound with a broken leg and tweeting all day long high on pain meds.  Does that tell you anything?  That’s interacting all day long – every day.   Once I was walking again, I got back to work and did not Tweet or FB as much and down went my Klout.   Some people let that score really bother them just like they let the fact that there are kids more popular than them ruin their day.  (Read this Never Compare Yourself to Anyone – Ever!)

Every one of us has Klout based on how you are connecting, interacting and driving action on all of the Social Media sites.   Unfortunately, these popularity scores really don’t mean all that much since there are some people who spend their entire day giving out Klout (you can do that on and asking for it back just like asking Chris Brogan for a Retweet.   That means there are a lot of false scores out there that pertain to nothing.

Forget the score, and focus on what you’re doing and how you’re connecting and the score will speak for itself.  Again, I noticed that mine was the highest when I was high on pain meds with a broken leg!  Do I want to be there again?  No!

So, why are you so obsessed with your Klout score?  Is it a need to have a perceived sense that you are popular or powerful? Why not focus on what you’re doing in the world instead?

What website are you running?  What book are you writing?  What cause are you promoting?  What are you doing in the world?

I’m writing another book, editing my mom’s book and working on a screenplay.

So I probably won’t be scrolling through the many profiles to give Klout to anyone who asks.  Instead, I will connect with you for real and tweet you back and have a conversation with you on Twitter or Facebook or Google +.
I will also answer you when you respond to my Blog posts that come to your inbox.


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  • Angela Shelton

    hahahah! Really? That’s hilarious. Here?

  • Linda Bernstein

    I tried to give you +K just now, but it said I didn’t have a valid user name. Angela, Klout says you’re invalid.