Let’s Get Physical

How many times do we stay out of and not connected to our bodies? I know a woman who did triathlons for years. After suffering a major car accident she’s having to figure out ways to let off the stream that used to run her never-ending engine since she can no longer run like she once did. She was intensely athletic as a way to literally run from painful memories by the way. The escape route out of the past isn’t always drugs or alcohol, sometimes people become the super achiever or the work-a-holic. (Quit talking about me) It got me thinking how so many of us forget to be in our bodies while others work their bodies to the point of exhaustion until something like an accident makes you stop and think. I’m guilty of both sides of that spectrum. For this woman, she’s having to stop running and sit, which is opening her mind. For others it may be time to stop sitting around and start running or doing whatever else it is that brings you peace and clarity.

There’s even an application for runners on Facebook now to give you motivation!

I personally love my bicycle, oh let me count the ways. I also love to dance like an ecstatic nut. I can’t even begin to end my ode to dance without exploding with glee. And yet, that playtime is the last on my list on too many days! After my own back injury I have been apprehensive about getting physical due to fear of the greatest pain I went through in my life. I guess it’s kind of like fear of new love after you’ve had your heart broken.  Well, it’s time to get back in the saddle.

I have my eyes on these Five Fingers Shoes!! I’m daydreaming of dancing and hiking in them – perhaps at the same time.  Maybe I should and start shooting funny dance videos – dare me!

Here’s a lovely video with my favorite bike and new fav young filmmaker too!

And just for fun, and some eye-candy, here’s a video of some other things you can do while dancing:

What do you do that gets you into your body and lifts your spirits?  And if you’re unable to be physical at the moment like the woman who suffered through a car accident or those of you with fibromyalgia, what do you do on the inner that helps you express your energy?

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JHNES543NS2TIA7XM2MJJZTFD4 Johnna

    Hmmm. I think I know that woman – she is currently reinventing herself as we speak. After neck surgery, running will no longer be an option…but there is always walking, yoga, pilates, and anything else that is NOT aerobic. It may be time for her to “climb that tree” again :) Finding her peace of mind, body, and spirit is now the most important goal! xo -JJ

  • nicneo

    Thankyou Angela, I watched your documentary and when you spoke to your father and after you got back and when you yelled and cried, its like thats what I feel like, right there, right now, thats what feels like is just sitting there, and I cried when I watched it, because i just don't know how to hold it, I don't know how to pop that freaking pus ball and just let it come screaming out, and i want to but this fear and crazymaking doubt of just maybe I am delusional, just maybe something in me had it wrong, had it confused, how could my grandma do all of that stuff to me, how could she, and I wish i could speak to your brother and talk to him, because I did that stuff too, to my sisters and its so f83ked up, its makes me want to die, it makes me want to scream, the denial, and the years and years and years of just no talking, of everyone in my stupid family knowing but never ever speaking about it…

  • http://www.angelashelton.com Angela Shelton

    Oh, the rage part. I know it well. Martial arts is great to take. Also mountain biking, boxing, something really physical to literally work it out. I used to beat chairs with bats on stage years ago, that was very cathartic for many. Don't beat yourself up about it, beat it out of your system. It's possible. Scream closets are great. :) Just stick your head into a pile of clothes and scream. I came up laughing every time I did that. Try it. Just don't hurt yourself, anyone else or any precious things. Running is good.

    You can get the movie here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0031P33PU or watch it for free on http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/searching_for_angela_shelton/ if you can down under. My books and other downloads are here: http://www.e-junkie.com/angelashelton

    And I created http://www.survivormanual.com/ to share ongoing info about healing. There are loads of articles on there about many different avenues. Chose what works for you. Number one, it is totally okay to be mad, full of rage in fact. Number two, it eventually goes away as you move forward and on from the trauma. It is totally possible.

  • nicneo

    This was a very timely blog for me that I found on Twitter! thanks although cleaning and exercising and yelling all seem like options NONE Of them nail this agitation and just shear skin crawling physical anger at what happened to me, and I sit with my therapist and I feel all pathetic and can't look at her, and in those moments its like all of the anger and emotion kind of hides itself deep inside and when i walk out its like F%#$ I didn't say it again, I just don't know how to get past the freaking worry of what this truth will mean to someone else,
    I need a way to get rid of some SERIOUS freaking energy but I am Freaking mad! and the person I am mad at is in the ground and the other person is my mother and she is still here, but dealing with her is scarier than dealing with this so Im not doing that yet!
    I'm in Australia and I want to get your DVD Searching for Angela Shelton, I was in Canada recently and read it and thought I would get it when I got back but I can't get it anywhere it seems… Any ideas on how I can get it?