3 Ways to Manifest the Life You Want

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Today’s question is:
“How is it that you tap into your imagination to be creating the life you are?”

Great question!  That’s also a great observation because I work a lot with manifesting, meditating and making my life into one I love to live.  Apparently it shows which is awesome and I love to share how I do things so to answer your question, I broke it down to what I personally do.

 3 Ways to Manifest the Life You Want


1. Feel It

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If you want something like a healthy happy relationship for example, it’s important to feel what that feels like first.  If you sit around thinking that you’ll never have one (or never have whatever you’re hoping to get) then you’ll get just that – nothing!  Or if you’re terrified of getting it, you may just get what you’re scared of instead of what you want.

Remember that baseball movie with what’s his name about “build it and they will come”?  The same thing is true with feelings.  Feel it and what you’re feeling will show up.  It sounds so hokey, I know, but it’s true.

On stage I’ve used the example of feeling what if feels like to be in love.  Pretend right now (yes as you’re reading this) that you are in love.  Try it.  You get giddy. You grin.  You have that silly look on your face and the feeling on your skin is different.  It’s like your vibration is higher – because it is.  You’re in love and it feels great.  And btw, if you “feel” in love, watch how many people flirt with you and/or ask you out.  It’s amazing.

A great book about feeling to manifest is Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings.  Yes, that is an affiliate link an if you buy the book I get a few cents!  But I only tell you about things that I personally use and support so bring on the cents and sense!

The author, Lynn Grabhorn, breaks down the act of feeling and then making it happen really well in this book.

I was also asked if I had read Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life.

The answer is yes I have.  It is also great.  The combo is even better.  Your mind is a powerful thing.  Depending on what you focus on, you can create all kinds of goodies in your life from a love to a good job to an idea for a book.

2. Speak It

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Much like the power of your feelings can bring what you want to you, the power of your speech will too.

It is also tremendously important what you say to and about yourself in your head.  Yes, what you say in your head is as important as what you say audibly to others.

The best example of this is one from my years of speaking in trauma and recovery.  People who have been through the trauma of sexual and/or domestic violence tend to have very negative things to say about themselves in their heads.  They say things like they’re ugly, useless, unwanted, stupid, pathetic, worthless etc etc.  Most of them don’t need anyone else to abuse them after their abuse because they are busy abusing themselves!

That negative speak turns into self-mutilation, self-hatred, addictions like drugs and alcohol and an all around miserable demeanor.  Although many are very good  at hiding what they are saying in their heads.

The fastest (and cheapest -because it’s free) way to heal from this is to drastically transform what you’re saying to yourself in your head.

When people move from all the negative speak to overly positive like saying they are Queen, Goddess, a divine spark of spirit, delightful, wonderful, super special and adorable they make dramatic changes in their lives.  I’ve seen it firsthand.  The self-abuse ceases.  They tend to glow and be all around happier.

The exact same thing applies to what you want to manifest.

What are you saying about it in your head and out loud?

If you want to write that book you’ve been putting off try saying things like “I’m so glad I’m writing everyday,” inside your head instead of “You idiot, you haven’t written one word.”  When people ask you about your writing say things like, “I’m a writer” and “I can’t wait to share what I’m creating”  instead of “I don’t know what I’m doing” or “No one will ever read this anyway.”

3. See It

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When I say see it I really mean see it.  The best way to do this is to create a vision board.

Here is an excerpt from my latest self-help book, Will Date 4 Food (yes, it’s a self-help book for co-dependents).

It’s time to envision your life so that you no longer live the caretaker Mama Warbucks role as the savior of all losers.  Try to imagine what your house would look like if it were set up the way you like it and not as a bunker for the needy guys in the band?

Have you ever made a vision board? If you watch Oprah or any of the self-help gurus, you’ve probably heard of them.  It’s a collage of images and words that mean something to you. Vision boards are fun and easy to do.  Buy a piece of poster board at the 99 Cent store, along with a glue stick.  Grab some old magazines, newspapers, fliers etc. from friends and doctors’ offices.

Look through all sorts of magazines and find images that give you a good feeling about your life. Choose pictures of strong and successful women. Find anything that means abundance to you and put it on your vision board.  Sometimes you have to imagine a life that you don’t really know yet or may have never known before, but as the saying goes “if you build it, they will come”.  Build your vision board to reflect the life you have dreamed about; but leave out the things that represent you saving the world and everyone in it.

Your vision board is about you and what you love and want and feel passionate about.  It’s empowering to see your hopes and dreams on a vision board. It’s also a great way to learn about yourself when you have to choose images that make you feel a certain way about life.  Plus, playing around with scissors and glue sticks is always fun.

Hang your vision board somewhere in your house where you are certain to see it every single day.  I hung mine on the ceiling above my bed so I would stare up at it as I fell asleep and it was the first thing I would see in the morning.  And guess what?   Everything on that board is in my life now. When we imagine the life we want and then set out to live it – it actually happens. Dating 4 Food is part of getting yourself to that life you really want because it exposes you to new ways of thinking about relationships while saving you money as you chart your new life course.

I hope that all helps.


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