The Best Way to Schedule Your Day to Get Everything Done, Including Twitter.

Life is very full and busy, especially with Twitter and Facebook! Sometimes you may wonder how in the world you can fit everything into a day that you want and need to do. Believe me, I have the same problem. You should see my To-do list!  Sometimes I lay in bed at night thinking how in the world I just did that or how am I going to take care of the list tomorrow.  But when I stay on course with the below list, it works out somehow. Sometimes I veer off or forget one or two but when I try and make sure to hit all the marks, I end up getting more done than I thought. So I’m sharing it!

I lined Daily Tasks conveniently with the seven chakras. Yes, that’s right. You know I am my mother’s daughter, right? (Just wait until I start reading her emails!  They go into a lot more than chakras!)

What’s a Chakra?

Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the subtle body of living beings.[2] The Chakras are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.[3] Different systems posit a varying number of chakras; the most well known system in the West is that of seven chakras. (from Wikipedia)

I’ve been asked many times how I get so much done in a day.  Well, I try to make sure to cover all of these steps while tweeting and Facebooking along the way! Of course the chakras go far more into detail if you want to study them. I’m sharing how the pertain to your daily schedule.

The ROOT or Chakra – Have Your Daily In/Out

Yes, that means pay attention to your root. On a great day you eliminiate three times – yes I said that.  Eat your flax and your greens.  Be sure to poo daily. If you don’t, then pay attention to what you’re eating.

As far as the day goes, I make sure to watch what goes in and out from the bottom to the top, from my Email Inbox to my thoughts.  I cleaned out my Inbox.  In the morning (usually after a good poo), I check emails.  I answer the ones that are important for that day first, for work and my various projects next and then if there are any questions, comments or requests from you.  I read them and respond and eliminate them if they are spam or nonsense. (That does not mean that your email was nonsense if it went unanswered.  Sometimes my Inbox fills so fast that I loose some. Email me again!)

  • Eat Well. Feed Your Body Well.
  • Eliminate Well.  (yes, that means poo) That also means all toxins, including toxic people and/or environments.
  • It is necessary to eliminate, otherwise you’re full of ___.

Sacral Chakra – Remember to PP

This is where your private parts are so if you’re in a healthy relationship, have healthy sex. (It doesn’t have to be the am)  If it’s daily, then more power to ya. It doesn’t have to be sexual either, it can be playtime. Have a part of your day be pure play, and if it gets randy, well hallelujah for you. (We’ll get more into healthy sex on the next post).

If you can find something playful within your work, then all the better!  Usually after I answer emails I dive right into the book or script I’m working on at the moment, or a post like this.  If I’m writing it chances are I love it and am having fun so it also counts as play for me. If you love what you do, getting double doses of play lifts your mood.

  • Practice. Do something You Love and Practice it.
  • Have fun. Do something daily, even if it’s 10 min, that puts a smile on your face.
  • Play. Have playtime.
  • Find Something Playful in Everything You Do.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Parent Well

This is your digestive area, so what are you ingesting? That means what you are ingesting in your mind as well. During the day, pay attention to any negative speak you have or negativity you’re around and cut it off or limit it as much as you can. Otherwise, you get indigestion.  That goes for all levels of your life, that’s why I put Parent Well here because I think this falls under parenting yourself.

I eat well, although I do have some weak spots like for biscuits.

In between doing my homework aka working on my project of the moment, I take breaks to read articles my Twitter friends tweet or check up on the news.  I do that when there is a pause in work, like if a video is rendering or if I’m on hold or if I’m waiting for my copyeditor to read something.  I use those tiny bits of free time to check in with the world.

  • Take care of yourself and your children
  • Parent yourself well
  • Be a good example to your children (even your inner child).
  • Make sure your children (including yourself) are fed, clothed, housed, protected and safe.

Heart Chakra – Love Well

Love something all day long. Ideally, you love what you do for work. If you don’t, work on finding what you love about it. Find something, anything, you love about what you do.   Love the traffic instead of cursing at it.  You can have a lot of fun talking to people passing in their cars instead of yelling at them. Bless every break light!

I love what I do. I love my life. I love where I live. I love my dog.  I love my Mac.  I love my Twitter background too (thank you @iamkhayyam).   I love my latests book cover (thank you @jenniferwelker) and love the fact that it was approved to use.  I love reading your responses to my newsletters  (sign up for them!)

  • Love Yourself Well.
  • Love Others Well.
  • Love Your Work.

Throat Chakra – Watch Your Mouth

During the day, watch what you say since you can speak it and bring it into reality.  It’s called manifesting and it works.  If you keep saying how much you hate something, guess what, you’re going to get that very thing.  If you keep saying how much you love something, it shows up too.  Your words are a powerful thing, so is your wallet.  Watch what you say and watch how you spend.  You can say a lot by what you spend money on.

I pay attention to how much time I spend on the phone. I’m not much of a phoner, I get much more done by email.  I talk on the phone to my close friends (during my playtime) or to those I’m working with if there is something we need to talk about pertaining to work that is easier said than written in an email.  For example my manager calls and we go over the producers who are reading my scripts and which one to send the next one too.  We also go over notes that I have to address on the script I’m working on.  Otherwise, I don’t spend much time on the phone.  I do tweet though.

  • Watch What You’re Saying in Your Head.
  • Watch How Much Time You Spend Talking.
  • Cut the Negative Speak.
  • Watch What You Spend Money On – You’re Saying Something.

Third Eye Chakra – Feed Your Brain

Do something daily that teaches you something. Read something new about your industry that you didn’t know or that is challenging to you. Believe me, I know about busy days, so reading while you’re doing number one or number two is a good way to get more done. Read.

You can also learn something new on Twitter. I follow smart cool people and read the articles they post. I tweet while I’m waiting for water to boil. (Notice how I linked to my twitter three times?  That means follow me, it’s fun!)

I also read the opinions (because that’s what news is these days) from the other side as well as my own.  I learn something every time I do that, like how the media is not balanced.  Plus, sometimes I read something that expands my mind and changes my opinion too.

  • Learn New Things.
  • Read About Something You Don’t Understand.
  • Read Something From ‘The Other Side’ of Your Opinions.

Crown Chakra – Stay Connected

The connection means more of a spiritual connection than Facebook, but I’m going with social media first. When I first wake up and before I go to bed I check in on Twitter. I read my home feed. I respond. I tweet back and I retweet smart and cool posts. I also scroll through my Facebook feed of my close friends and see what new pictures they posted or what they are ranting about. I usually ignore the rants. Ignoring rants has become an art form!  If you don’t, they could take up your whole day.  Maybe I should write about that.  Respond to my newsletter and let me know.  Hint.

And then there is your ‘connection’ time.  That is all about unplugging and getting back to your center, whatever that is for you. Try a mediation, prayer, dance or whatever it is that brings you back to that calm place where you’re not thinking about Twitter, work, the phone or what your BFF put on Facebook.

I go on walks.  That is my best form of meditation.  I have also found how I can sneak in little mediation moments everywhere (you don’t have to be cross legged for 30 min you know).

  • I sang an Ode to Facebook on Comedy Nation.
  • How Are You Best Connected to Others and to Yourself?
  • Unplug and Contemplate Your Life
  • Do Something Daily That Brings You to Your Center.
That’s it for a day and for this day.  Let me know if you would like to me expound on anything further.  The best way to do that is to sign up for my blog newsletter and respond.  Everything goes to me.
I posted the 7 Courses to Living Fully a while back that follows the same chart.    Have a full awesome day and hopefully some good poos. Yes, it’s true. You need to poo.

Get my Blog posts to your email and respond to them. Let me know how your day is and what problems you need solved outside of saving you and stuff like that. You have to do that yourself. I can only provide insight.


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    Hi dear friend I read all the information I will try to put in practice everyday of my life and share with my friends. Thanks Angela you are a very important human being that I can learn olat . I will pray for you , your mother and your dog.

  • Angela Shelton

    Ha! Wait until I start reading Emails From My Mother, Too Funny Not to Forward! She not only talks about sex, but about how her fake hip “makes this popping sound. It’s very distracting.” LOL

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    Nicely done, Angela. My kids would die if I ever mentioned sex in a blog post.