Shopping for Kids? And They Have to Eat Too?

Okay, so if you’re read my blog over the past few weeks, you know I’ve been snatched up by the Mommy Blogger Community and it’s Kerry’s fault from I know many of you do not have kids and when I talk about my children’s books you’re like AHHHH, NOOO!

But come on now, life does evolve. You never know what will happen next.

This is my only baby right now


My precious Norma dog. She is the light of my eye and has my heart. Seeing her get older is killing me. I don’t want to talk about it or I’ll cry. But she’s having a miraculous turn-around!

I will talk about these crazy wine guzzling blogging beeactches I’ve befriended – all said with such love and admiration! They all have kids. And then there are other friends of mine who are either pregnant or new moms and here I am just getting married so gimme a minute, I’m not quite in the mommy club yet but boy have they got me thinking about it.

But reading these blogs recently has definitely got me thinking. For example, I was reading My Cloth Diapers & What I Do With Poo and it seriously had me pondering poo – and all the things to look forward to!

Kids poo every day.

They also eat every day too.

They grow out of their clothes in like half a minute.

They need to go to school. And if you’re like me and cringe at what is or is not being taught in school, you’ve got to become homeschooling parents.

Then there’s trips to visit actual places in history, being the teacher I’d want to be.

Then they probably need their own ATV.

Then a tractor.

And a car. Not a beater car. It would have to be a Volvo.

OMG the list is endless.

I started to consider a different kind of kid:

But then awesome kids like my little nephew, who is talking – and I mean seriously talking in full sentences at the age of 2 – remind me of just how worth all the expenses, work and pain they are.  And after miscarrying twins, we are back on the horse so to speak – TMI!

Then I was sitting at a fundraiser for the animal shelter and here comes this awesome, and handsomely dressed young boy. He was about five and sported a full gentleman looking outfit, complete with a riding cap. (He so made me think of Tilda Pinkerton!)

He also got me thinking about serious things like -> boutique kids clothing. Oh boy, here comes the Barneys-aholic!

No, but wait. There are some places, okay maybe like Ladida that maybe, just for one second get me thinking about designer childrens clothing.  WHAT? NOOOOO!!  Stop her right now. She’s not even pregnant and she’s window shopping on the Internet.

Okay, I love this cutie pie little outfit from Marie Chantal  –>

And Le Merchand De’toiles‘s little star baby number –>


And then I saw this piano number by Shatsu and I was like, wait, I want one of those in my size!

I do intend to put an electric guitar (and any other instrument in the universe that my kids want) in their crib, their room, and all around the house for easy access.

Like here, honey, would you like an a grand piano for your second birthday? Oh, did you want that trumpet? Sure! And no, I don’t mean actually put an electric guitar in their crib. I mean that figuratively but still, you get the point.

I am pro garage band.

But I know, or so I’ve heard, that children come into this world just as they are. They like what they like and they want to do what they want to do. While some parents try to force careers on kids, I’ll be the one who offers to drive them to their favorite concert as long as they can play that riff.  And maybe if they wear that awesome hat too.

OMG Do you see me?? Posting about BABY CLOTHES!? Look what these MOMMY BLOGGERS have done to me!




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  • Angela Shelton

    Okay good, I am not alone. :) 
    I actually looked at baby shoes last night. Help me. 

  • claybaboons

    Bahaha!  Oh, this cracked me up.  Lately I’ve had more and more commenters from Mommy blogs, which means that I’ve been reading more and more Mommy blogs.  As if I didn’t already have baby fever.  Ha!

  • Angela Shelton


  • HouseTalkN

    Bwahahahaahaaa! We’ve got you now, my pretty! 

  • Angela Shelton


    and YAY Thank you on the second part of that. ;) 

  • SisterhoodoftheSensibleMoms

    So we are contagious! Bwahaha! More or less than the fungus from Costa Rica?

    As far as your TMI – I said a little prayer for you. Ellen