The Majestic Plastic Bag

I discovered this article today on Twitter via a post by TypeMicah (thank you!)

Jeremy Irons narrates a mocumentary about the life of a plastic bag and its journey to the ‘Pacific garbage patch’.

It was produced by campaign group Heal the Bay – lobbying for a ban on plastic bags in California

Brilliant!  Please help them help us.

I’ve always wanted to make a film about a plastic bag, I must say. I have notes in many of my creative journals about a film called Litter about this little plastic bag that won’t give up.  But no need to make that anymore after seeing this!  I love it.  If you’ve seen the end of my documentary (I hear the original one with the funny end is on Netflix), you know how I feel about Litter.  Those who litter reveal so much about themselves and the litter itself is becoming a country all its own in the middle of the ocean!  I have a long long list of ideas and creative projects so my plastic bag one gets the big check mark next to it because of brilliance like this.   This is the Global Brain at work.  It’s not about being upset about how you shoulda, coulda, woulda done something, it’s about what are you going to do now.  I’m going to help promote this movie and their cause!
Please share it!

Heal the Bay

And bring your own bags when you shop too!

Take The Year-Long Healing Course

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  • Sarah Meggison

    Totally awesome! litter does suck…. so does a silly idea wasting millions of barrels of oil! Bisbee Arizona is working towards a comprehensive plan to deal with this massive issue of consumer excess!
    thanks angela.

    u do rule.

  • dancingbaglady

    I love to say, “no bag please. I've got my own, thank you.” Awareness is everything. Good awareness video.

    Don Miller said something brilliant about awareness, “Now, don’t try to actually change the way you think or react. Psychologists have found awareness is more powerful than resistance. What that means is if you try to fight something, your brain resists change and fights against you. Instead, place no judgment on your findings.

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