The Twins Made It!!

Okay, I’m sorry to my friends because if you know me you know that I miscarried twins. So reading The Twins Made It may be a tad confusing.

But the twins did make it! Just not my twins.

I have to share this. This message and the video started off my morning – in tears – and I had to sit and cry for awhile.

Then I got super happy again just at the pure beauty of this world and how you have no idea how you help others, even in the little ways you are simply yourself.

I received this message:

I, and my family, have been through really hard couple of years. Now that we have made it to better days, I have been trying to thank all the people who helped us.
Although you didn’t know it, you have been one of them. My oldest boy really likes you as the Safe Side Superchick, and there was a period during the fall of 2010 that he was watching that video at least once every day. I think he was looking for comfort, certainty, and control. Thank you, so much, for giving that to him, because we were not able to.
I made a little video to celebrate our getting through the storm. It doesn’t go into everything we have experienced, just the most important part.

I hope this makes you love those around you just a little bit more. It sure made me hug everyone.

I’m so happy for this family! I’m so happy for happy endings!

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  • Sperk*

    What a gorgeous tribute to life! 

  • Angela Shelton

    Awww, you said eggs…

    Thank you!

  • SisterhoodoftheSensibleMoms

    Oh, Angela, you are so who I wanna be when I grow up—gracious, generous, unfailingly kind. Thank you for sharing this video in the face of your own loss. You are one of the good eggs. Erin

  • Bolandstudios

    OK, I’m crying. Great story Angela! Gosh was I rooting for that family! Now, look at them. Lovely and happy. You will be blessed with little, psychotic people too one day, I just can feel it in my bones. [By little psychotic people, I mean Children.] My daughter insisted in wearing her fairy wings, with her power rangers suit. To set off the whole ensemble, cow boy boots and a magic wand  with a big ass holster and gun…..And Tiara. You KNOW if we wore this we’d be carted away. My happy thoughts are flying your way. Be proud.:}

  • Stephanie B.

    Wow, that was heartwarming. I’m sorry about your twins.  I’m glad these two had a happy ending, and that you were a part of it. How comforting that must be. 

  • Jacki M SeiWell

    great story and endings are always re-writing themselves in different ways.  Hugs

  • Ali Drummond

    oh wow… What a beautiful story and family! And so wonderful that you were a part of it.