Twitter for Baby Boomers ~ How to Get Your Parents Tweeting

Are your parents tweeting? Are you parents baby boomers like mine?

I wrote this post  – 7 Steps to Start Tweeting – with videos, How-To steps and tons of information and ended up helping break the twitter fear for many.  I even got my mom tweeting!  She tweets @fourletterwords since she actually tweets four letter words. It’s not what you think, she actually only uses four letter words so when you tweet her try to do the same.  It’s an interesting writing exercise.  I just looked and saw she tweeted Pack Your Bags.  HA!  Clever #fourletterwords mom!

When Baby Boomers Tweet

I met Linda Bernstein aka @wordwhacker on Twitter (of course) and saw that she posted articles on her website about Twitter for Baby Boomers and I had to share!

Check them out:

Twitterquake and Twittercane

Twitter for Baby Boomers ~ Lesson 2

Twitter for Baby Boomers ~ Lesson 3 

You should read those posts, Mom!

There’s no excuse not to be social!

It’s fun to be social.  Not only do you meet new friends, but it may lead to a job you love, you may meet the love of your life, or you might have fun with some writing exercises like my mom is doing.

I have a page of other posts on Social Media and Marketing too if you want to boost your Twitter, Facebook and various social media experience up.

And tweet my mom!  Once she reads the above posts I bet she’ll start tweeting back – in four letter words that is!

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  • Linda Bernstein

    Thanks Angela!

  • Linda Bernstein

    Thanks Angela. Your mom sounds great. I would love to tweet four letter words, but even tweet has five letters. She’s way ahead of me. I totally love your animation on top. You’re pretty wow.