What’s Your Sign? No, Really.

What’s Your Sign? What about your mood?
What about making your own sign?

No, Really, What’s Your Sign?

X4304 Whats Your Sign? No, Really.

Could you imagine if you could make your own signs? What if you could lead people to your house and your mood?

Like the above. What if that was the sign that was up before someone picked you up for a date or something.

Giggle giggle giggle.

I’m busy doing the last little bits of planning this country wedding of ours (are the last bits never ending?) and I’ve been prowling the internet for sign making stuff.

We need stakes, wood, paint and whatever else it takes to make –>
awesome country signs!

I was looking about how to make your own Traffic Signs and lo and behold you can! You can actually create your own  Street Signs!

I’m thinking something like:


ducky+dard+button Whats Your Sign? No, Really.
I read MayorGia’s blog and I have a little giggle fest over her duck badge. For oh so many reasons. For those who have known me for years, you know right off the bat why I love this badge so much.

If you have just met me, well, look at it. Don’t you just love it? I love it.

Ducks Against Raping Ducks – so something I would have said. HAHA.

And guess what? Mayor Gia could (if she wanted to or gave us permission) make her own Road Signs.

Could you imagine a road sign with “Don’t Rape Ducks in This Area” or of course my little reminder – Stop Raping Kids, Go F Yourself.  There are certain places I’d love to put one of those up in the middle of the night.

Oh I love this sign making business.  And there I was looking for “Wedding” and and I stumble upon another duck idea. Go figure!

Had to share.

I’m back to planning my #BLOGGERSDANCE  moves. Are you in?

pixel Whats Your Sign? No, Really.

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  • http://www.angelashelton.com/ Angela Shelton

    Good one, Mom!

  • Joann Shelton


  • Amber Shockley

    Oh my GOODNESS!  I cannot believe I just saw a anti duck rape sign. 
    A few weeks ago, there were some ducks mating, or attempting to mate, at my local park.  There was a young couple there (a human couple, not the ducks), and when the (human) girl saw the male duck trying to mate with the female, she got upset. 
      Her (human) boyfriend, knight in shining armor that he was, and *so cute* tried to shoo the male duck away from the female duck. 
    It was so sweet, and I understood how the (human) girl (also the duck girl) felt, and I was so proud of her boyfriend for trying to help by shooing away the male duck. 
    I know that it’s nature, I know Mate Happens, but still.  The female always seems so….encroached upon. 
    Anyway, it was just a silly, sweet scenario (well, not for the female duck, or the male duck for that matter), and this post, with the anti duck rape sign, reminded me of it.