Writing Your Book and Donating Proceeds

Ever want to write a book and donate the proceeds to help a great cause? Sure you do!

Here’s a great question about it and a reality check.



Ok, so I finally have my book basically finished, about ready for professional editing and artistry. (as soon as someone can drag my fingers away from the keys) Basic concept spiritual/fantasy self help book for abused children. (not their parents)

My question is, I want to donate part of the proceeds to an organization that actually goes into the schools and speaks to the kids and advocates for the kids that have been abused, but what is a good way to go about doing this. Such as contacting them, should that be on the book somewhere and what percentage seems right.


Yay you! You wrote a book!

You should do a happy dance around the room.

Do that. Right now, just get up and do that. Happy happy!

Finding an Organization to Donate to

This can be as difficult or as easy as finding an agent as an actor.

There are TONS of organizations out there. The best thing you can do is know them personally. I donated to Darkness to Light because I knew the founder personally and know the people who ran it AND saw that they actually did the work they said they did.

As far as finding one that fits your requirements – ask!

If you’re reading this and know of an organization that goes into the schools and speaks to the kids and advocates for the kids that have been abused – please share in the comments!

Contacting the Organization of Your Choice

Organizations always need money and are happy to accept your donations.

So, contact them directly!

Don’t be afraid to just email them directly.

Keep your request/offer short and “above the fold” if you will.

If they have a marketing department listed on their site, call them up!

A lof of these orgs doing great things are run by pretty small teams so getting someone on the phone or in an email thread is not that hard.

Here is an article about getting your story into the media that also applies to these kinds of requests.

Partnering with an Organization

When you have an organization you love and are donating a portion of your proceeds to them, they usually love that and will even help you by providing a link to your book on their site or talking about you in their newsletter.

If they are happy to do that, then I’d put their logo on your book or on on the back, even write up a blurb inside about why you’re donating to them.

If they are not gung-ho about it, you can donate to them anyway!

What Kind of Proceeds?

First of all, if you’re like the rest of us with the save-the-world complex – you need to stop for a minute and talk to someone with a more logical business mind or put on your logical business mind hat!

You have to go over your budget and what your NET is, not your gross.

I know a large company that was donating a portion of their gross proceeds to an organization and it ended up shooting them in the foot because the donation came off the top of the sales, not leaving them with enough money to cover all the rest of the costs. In fact, it kept them from making an actual profit for years and put them into the hole!

So, think before you give. You have to put your oxygen mask on first, remember? Just like you have to feed yourself first before you give the keys away to your storehouse.

You don’t usually think about those things when you’re in the creative mode, but you need to.

If you’re brain does not work that way, find someone who does and ask them to go over your budget and projected earnings.

You need to cover printing costs, unless you’re printing on demand through a place like Create Space. Even going POD, you still have the set up costs, your editor, your artist and buying copies of your book yourself to use to market it.

Soo… a safe number is usually 10% to donate.

Share Your Book!

The best thing you can do now is to share your book!

You don’t have to officially link up to any organization now if you don’t know of one either.

Believe me, when you start sharing your book, the contacts will come to you.

You may meet someone and get a first hand look at what they’re doing and think oh my gawd, I want to donate to you!

So, you can keep your options open and say a portion will be donated to organizations helping abused kids.

The best thing about your question – is that you wrote a book!

Happy Happy!

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  • http://www.angelashelton.com/ Angela Shelton

    Happy to help and happy writing! You go girl!

  • TyAnn

    Thank you so much for your answer and it’s funny because Darkness to Light was the organization I wanted to donate to. They do some fantastic work! I love your suggestion of the logo too, I never would have thought of that. I will contact them soon. Thanks again.