So You Want to Write a Screenplay?

So you want to write a screenplay, do ya?  First of all, move to Los Angeles.  No, really.  That is if you’re serious about having screenwriting be your Number 1 Career.

I received this question:

I read you blogs and I found them interesting. I am an amateur writer who wants to know more about screenwriting because. I have few story ideas to work upon but am unable to do due to lack of knowledge in screenwriting. I love to write, I just want to learn how to write a proper screenplay.

Read this Book

Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too!

That book is so funny and SO true that I could never do a post to give it enough credit or tell you all the tips, tricks and truth in that book.  So go ahead and buy that and read it.  It will give you a lot of ideas on the structure of the screenplay.

If you are more of an “artist” (say that with a french accent) and don’t care about Hollywood structure or selling your screenplay, then just write! Write like you’d like to see a movie.

Final Draft is the BEST screenwriting software that I’ve ever used. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If you want to write a serious screenplay, get serious software. They even have sample scripts in various formats for you to read too.  For example if you want to write a sitcom, that structure is way different than a feature film.

Have a story and the screenplay will come. Get the software. Read the books. Start your outline.  Believe me, everyone (and I mean everyone) in Hollywood has a screenplay. You can too! And you don’t HAVE to be in LA, but it certainly helps if you want to make screenwriting your prime time focus. For me, I chose breathing (in wide open spaces) and now email my scripts to Hollywood when I write them.

I’m working on another book right now which is so strange in the Hollywood world anyway. A book? Que?

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Are you writing? I know most of you who read my blog are in some way. Writing on your Blog is still writing, you know! In fact, it can be very difficult writing and staying within a 500-800 word arena too!

Whatchoo writing?  Yeah you.

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