Angela Shelton - writer/director

Whether producing my own projects or being hired to write and/or direct, I am dedicated to creating content that inspires, uplifts and affects change.

I’ve never liked “labels” but if you HAVE to put me into a box, you can put my work under TRUE STORIES with a FAITH THEME.



HEART, BABY! is my first feature that I wrote, directed, and produced.

Heart, Baby! is the TRUE STORY of George and Doc, best friends from reform school to life in prison where George becomes an unbeatable prison boxer, with songwriter Doc as his cornerman and Crystal, his devoted Christian Transgender cellmate. When George is offered freedom to fight in the 1984 Olympics he shocks everyone by turning it down, sending Doc, Crystal, and other inmates on a journey to discover the true meaning of friendship, faith, and heart.

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Eagle was made in honor of her mentors, the late Jake Eberts, and her golf coach and friend, Dr. Stuart Kaufman.

When an orphaned half Korean girl finds herself in small town America with her only living relative, she seeks out a mentor to help with the only things she loves - golf. The best player in town, the widowed optometrist, takes her under his wing, sending them on a journey to face their fear of losing loved ones and their game. The only problem is, he has three months to live.



In the uplifting and multiple award-winning documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, filmmaker Angela Shelton drives around the United States surveying other Angela Sheltons. She discovers that 70% of the Angela Sheltons she speaks to are survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence.

Best Documentary and Audience Awards

2004 Winslow Arizona Film Festival
2004 Austin, TX Film Festival – best independent documentary
2004 Asheville, NC Film Festival – best documentary and audience award
2005 Freedom Cinema Festival in Park City, UT
2005 Sarasota, FL Film Festival
2005 Newport Beach Film Festival – outstanding achievement in filmmaking award
2005 Memphis International Film Festival – best documentary
2005 Sedona Film Festival and Workshop in Sedona, AZ
2005 Sonoma Valley Film Festival – audience award
2005 Boulder, CO Film Festival
2005 Zoie Film Festival – best documentary
2005 Durango, CO Film Festival – audience award

Charms for the Easy Life

Angela wrote the teleplay adaptation of Kaye Gibbon’s novel Charms for the Easy Life for Showtime, starring Gena Rowlands and produced by and starring Mimi Rogers.


Angela’s first feature that she co-wrote and produced is inspired by her life with her mom.

Free-spirited, four-times married Mary Jo Walker heads to San Diego with her 12-year-old daughter in this irresistible tale of an unbreakable mother-daughter bond.