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Angela Shelton breaks out of molds and catapults over of boundaries.

Tell her she can’t do something and she will begin before you are through with your sentence.

She was born in Asheville, North Carolina in less than ideal circumstance and ended up pulling herself out of poverty, living all over the world including Paris, France and Milan, Italy.

She wrote her first book while living in Paris modeling. When she moved to New York City she began acting and booked the lead in Gavin O’Connor’s first feature, Comfortably Numb. Gavin read her manuscript and insisted that they make one chapter, Tumbleweeds, into a movie.

Tumbleweeds (1999), received the 2000 Sundance Film Festival Filmmaker’s Trophy and earned actress Janet McTeer an Academy Award® nomination and a Golden Globe®. Variety listed Angela as the Top Ten Screenwriters to Watch.

Angela followed Tumbleweeds with an adaptation of Kaye Gibbons’ novel Charms For The Easy Life (2002) starring Mimi Rogers and Gena Rowlands.  (Showtime)

In 2001 Angela made her directorial debut with the multi-award-winning documentary Searching For Angela Shelton, surveying women across the U.S. who were also named Angela Shelton. She discovered that 70% of the women she interviewed, like herself, been a victim of rape, childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence. Her memoir, Finding Angela Shelton, published by Meredith Publishing in 2006, describes how making the documentary changed her life. 

Committed to helping others, Angela travelled the world for over a decade as an internationally recognized social activist raising money for rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters as a public speaker. She collaborated with healers and trauma-informed-care providers to create a healing program that helps abuse survivors and service workers.

Angela came back into the movie making ring with her first feature film HEART, BABY!, that she wrote, directed, and produced, about the true story of a prison boxer who turned down a chance for freedom to fight in the 1984 Olympics.

Angela then wrote, directed and produced, Eagle and the Albatross, about an orphaned half Korean girl seeks golf help from the best player in town. The only problem is, he only has three months to live.

photo by David Zaugh

photo by David Zaugh

Angela was alive, fun, funny and inspiring as she told tales about weaving her way through the Hollywood system - as an actress, director, producer, and not least of all, a woman. Powerful!
— Jack Maxwell, Actor, Host of Booze Traveler, Travel Channel

Renewing faith and belief in the human spirit.



Angela worked with the extremely large crew with 250 actors and over 50 speaking parts in the film Heart, Baby! based on a true story that brings up many causes from transgender awareness to prison reform.

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Angela is passionate about projects that bring awareness, healing, and inspiration on top of entertainment. She wrote and directed Eagle and the Albatross in honor of her mentors, the late Jake Eberts and her golf coach Dr. Stuart Kaufman.

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On top of being behind the camera, Angela has been acting since she was a mime at the mall at 8-years-old.

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Angela has spoken all over the world from Congress to universities and colleges. She has helped raise money for Child Advocacy Centers, Rape Crisis Centers and Domestic Violence Shelters for over a decade.

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