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Angela Shelton, Author Actor Orator
Though she takes on serious issues, Angela Shelton is joyous, irreverent, funny, and feisty! 

ELLEN BASS, author of The Courage to Heal
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Do Everything on Your To-Do List AND Save the World Too?!

Ever have so many ideas brewing that you don’t know where to begin or end? Have a to-do list, a save-the-planet list, a save-the-world list AND need to make lunch too? Join the club! You’ll love this question I received: QUESTION: I want to start a blog for women who are recovering from physical and […]


In the spirit of SPRING CLEANING – I’m sharing a guest post from Claire Noelle Frost from Bliss Coaching: Website: ClaireNoelleFrost.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blisscoaching DETACH FROM CLUTTER & THRIVE! Hello, everyone. My name is Claire Noelle Frost, and I’m a Green Organizing Coach. I guide clients as they question the beliefs that keep them attached to their clutter. I […]

Open Letter to The Walt Disney Company

Dear Walt Disney Company: My three-year-old cousin was innocently wearing her favorite Little Mermaid bathing suit on a public beach, unknowingly providing porn for child rapists and perpetrators, thank you to your design. The bathing suit has the fin of the little Mermaid placed on the crotch of the suit, making it appear to an […]

Writing Your Book and Donating Proceeds

Ever want to write a book and donate the proceeds to help a great cause? Sure you do! Here’s a great question about it and a reality check. Question: Ok, so I finally have my book basically finished, about ready for professional editing and artistry. (as soon as someone can drag my fingers away from […]

Feeling Sorry for Your Abuser?

Ever feel sorry for your abuser? Or have you reached the place where you forgive? How about have that feeling that you will never ever forgive that jerk? Question: I was looking up the status of my spermdonor yesterday on the sex offender’s registry and I noticed that he had been sent back to jail. […]

Stop Working for a Second, Perfect the Art of Lounging

Any work-a-holics out there?  She asks with her hand raised. There was a time when I worked every day all day, even ate my meals in front of my computer. Yes, when you are on a deadline or even better – on a project you love – you can be swept into so much that […]